Saturday, November 17, 2007

Penguin Ranch Spotlight: Caleb

(from Cass)

Caleb is pictured here in a blue wingband. We use a little bit of colored Koban tape to distinguish our birds while they are with us. All penguins tend to look alike! It is completely removed when they are set free.

He is very eager to dive all the time. He is almost always the first one in the hole. As we are cleaning the holes of slush and ice (so they can dive), Caleb tries to get around us to dive into the hole before we are done. None of the other birds get so close, they just wait till we move away before they dive.

One time Caleb succeeded in getting around us before we were completely done so we just stopped so they all could dive. It was pretty funny. Paul said, “Well, I guess we are done.” We don’t scoop out the holes when the birds are diving because one of them could hit are nets when they come flying out of the hole.

Here’s one of Caleb coming out of the hole after a dive.

That’s it for now. Time to go to sleep – it almost 10pm!