Thursday, December 6, 2007

Postcards From McMurdo

"Never for me the lowered banner, never the last endeavour." Sir Ernest Shackleton.

"Polar exploration is at once the cleanest and most isolated way of having a bad time which has yet been devised." - Apsley Cherry-Garrard

"For scientific leadership, give me Scott; for swift and efficient travel, Amundsen; but when you are in a hopeless situation, when there seems to be no way out, get on your knees and pray for Shackleton." - Sir Raymond Priestley

"I have often had the impression that, to penguins, man is just another penguin - different, less predictable, occasionally violent, but tolerable company when he sits still and minds his own business." - Bernard Stonehouse

"Hurley is a warrior with his camera and would go anywhere or do anything to get a picture." - Lionel Greenstreet about Frank Hurley

"The continent has become a symbol of our time. The test of man's willingness to pull back from the destruction of the Antarctic wilderness is the test also of his willingness to avert destruction globally. If he cannot succeed in Antarctica he has little chance of success elsewhere." - Edwin Mickleburgh