Monday, October 22, 2007

Storm Day

We were all set to go to the ice edge to catch penguins, but the weather had other ideas. So, we are stuck in town until the snow and wind stops. Matt is delighted since the bad weather means that he might be able to watch the Red Sox play their 7th game for the American League Championship.

It's Condition 2 in McMurdo, which means certain types of travel are restricted. Condition 3 is all clear. Condition 1 is a white-out or dangerously low temperatures.

View from the loading dock window.

Paul, the PI (principal investigator) and MD1

Jessica (GS1 - first graduate student)

Cass (GS2)

Cory (GS3)

Matt (MD2)

Katherine (PC)

Panda Monium, Junior, and Betty Bunny (all FF - furry friends)