Monday, December 1, 2008


(from Paul)

We never made it into town for the Thanksgiving dinner. However, we called the galley and they are saving us portions, which Cass will bring out tomorrow. She went into town tonight.

Today was a busy day. We took off the NIR recorders in the morning and it  looks as if both worked; hurrah for Cass! We deployed Kozue's recorders, did guano patrol, built a new snow wall, and I dug out the snow berm in front of the propane cylinder cabinet of the sleep hut, which was about 5 ft deep.

We even cleaned out the snowmobile that lost its cover in the wind. Actually, the cover was not lost, it blew off during the storm.

John came out with the Challenger to clear the excess snow away. It was really good of John to come out on his day off. I am attaching two photos of what the camp was like this morning. Now it is back to when it was first put in!



We  were able to let some of the birds dive while John was here, so he could see them from the Ob Tube. He also had the road graders come out to smooth the road and help him around camp. One of his crew included his boss, who had never been out here, and also a woman named Meow Meow, who was on one of the census flights with us. They all got to see the birds diving.

This is a photo by Kozue of one of her recorder birds.


We hope to put in two of Cass's recorders again tomorrow. Will take advantage of the good weather.

I am going to eat now - steaks by Jessica. It has been a long day.