Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Visit By The BBC

(from Paul)

Our visitors have left. It was a good visit. The two were Doug Allen and Hugh Miller.

Doug has been the cameraman for many BBC documentaries around the world. Doug was part of the BBC team that worked at Cape Washington a number of years ago, and he has done extensive Antarctic diving. He was the Scotsman who spoke at the McMurdo Sunday night lecture several weeks ago.

Below is a photo of Doug with his zoom lens taking close up pictures of  our penguins.


The other cameraman, Hugh, assists Doug in his filming. They both have been working with Norbert Wu on a new documentary.

Below is a photo of Kozue showing her 3D dive records to Hugh, Doug and Jessica.


I have to get ready for our experiments tonight. Cass has returned to camp. I hear the Pisten Bully pulling in.