Monday, November 10, 2008

One More Time Into The Breach

Paul and Jessica decided to do another dive around the Ob Tube to finish cleaning it.

Paul suiting up.


Who is that masked woman? You also see the interior of our sleep hut with its bizarre blue walls.


Brendan in the Ob Tube, taken by Jessica from the water.

Brendan in the Ob Tube 2

Jessica’s photo of Paul in front of the Ob Tube. I think that I’m the person that you see in the window.

Paul tests Cass's camera under the Ob Tube

Paul holding the tether line.


Jessica in the water


Both divers. The yellow tank attached to one of the lines is the pony bottle, which is an emergency supply of air in case a diver runs out of air before reaching the surface.


Paul exiting the dive hole. Jessica is already on the surface. There are still small plates of ices floating away from the Ob Tube after cleaning it a second time.