Friday, November 28, 2008

A Storm Day

(photos from Paul)

We are having a little colder weather today with winds and light, intermittent, blowing snow. All the birds are diving, though less often. Cass's recorder birds are diving, which is the important thing. 

The PO2 electrode only worked for about half the day, but we still were able to record some shallow dives that were as long as 12 min. So, that is valuable data.  Not much else is happening, since we are just letting the birds dive today.

Some blowing snow is collecting on the periphery of the camp, but none in the corral. I hope this wind is only temporary so that we can record more dives. The penguins lose interest in the high winds. (Can’t say that I blame them!)


The storm is not that dramatic, but certainly the wind should help with charging the batteries in the power sled.


Cass is making some omelets. We got fresh veggies from Peggy (the food room manager) yesterday. We cook with propane, using Coleman camp stoves.


Kozue and Brendan are in the foreground eating breakfast. Cass and Jessica are bent over the stove,