Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Dinner at Penguin Ranch

(from Paul)

We had a great Thanksgiving dinner. Cass outdid herself in cooking. Below is a photo of Cass cooking with Jessica, Kozue, and Brendan appreciating the end result.


Jessica and Brendan at the table. We had pork tenderloin, yams, asparagus frittata, stuffing, a fruit salad, and cornbread along with wine.


The entire group sits down to the meal. And, for dessert, spice cake with strawberries. It was really quite good.


And Cass’ recorder birds dove well this afternoon; "Oprah" was the star diver. It looks like the weather is clearing. I hope it is over. I have also attached some post-storm pictures of the camp.


Tomorrow we will remove all the instrumentation. Perhaps the group will be able to make the dinner in town after all.