Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Visit To Cape Royds

(photos from Jessica)

Cape Royds is known for two things. First of all, it is the location of an Adelie penguin colony, 


and next, it  is the site of Shackleton’s hut (1908) .


Shackleton built his hut during the Nimrod expedition, when Scott refused to give him permission to use the Discovery Hut. (The Discovery Hut is right next to McMurdo Station. see our blog, Scott's Hut, for photos.) Cape Royds is approximately 25 miles north of McMurdo.

On 9 January 1909, Shackleton and his group (Wild, Marshall and Adams) came within 112 miles of the geographical South Pole. Although Shackleton failed to reach the Pole, he lead the first  expedition to reach the  Polar Plateau, his group did the first ascent of Mount Erebus, and other members of his expedition (Edgeworth David, Douglas Mawson, and Alistair MacKay) located the approximate position of the magnetic South  Pole. (The magnetic pole moves constantly, so it is no longer in the same location as when it was in 1909.)

Interior shots of the hut.

PB240018 PB240026

Kozue in the kitchen area of the hut


Brendan in the lab area of the hut.


On the way back from Cape Royds, Jessica also took a photo of the Barn Glacier.