Friday, November 28, 2008

The Storm Continues

(from Paul)

The birds do not mind the storm at all. If it is real windy, they huddle behind the snow wall or just lie down on the ground and fall asleep. Even in the mild winds (25 mph), they will stand and preen, seemingly oblivious of the weather. It does not phase them in the slightest.

We, on the other hand, are pretty much confined to the huts most of the time. The photo below shows some of the buildings and the blowing snow.


The two below are of Kozue taking pictures of the birds in the storm.DSC_9372s


Jessica was stuck in town because the storm came on so quickly, and the visibility is too poor to travel now. As usual, the weather controls all in Antarctica.

We may not make it in to the big Thanksgiving dinner in McMurdo (held tomorrow – Saturday – our time) since the storm may continue for another day.


We are having a Thanksgiving dinner here, instead. I have made a spice cake, and Cass is making the pork tenderloin and goodies.

The weather cleared for a few hours, and Jessica was able to return to camp. Our experimental birds did some more dives and we plan to take all the recorders off tomorrow morning if the weather permits. Otherwise, it was a quiet day. We just closed the dive holes and will be starting dinner.