Wednesday, October 1, 2008


After a 24 hour delay, the group boarded the military flight to McMurdo Station.


Jessica and Cass on the plane


Interior of the plane.

(from Paul)

I’m not sure why they flew. Rumor has it that the sea ice was bad all day and that it was Condition 2 in McMurdo. We were 3 hrs into the flight when they turned around, so we landed at about 3:45, and got back to the Windsor around 5 pm.

To top things off, they put Brendan's boomerang bag on the wrong pallet, and would not take it off the plane. Fortunately, I had an extra set of pants, and Jessica had some flip-flops that he could wear. So, we went to the Dux since it was closest as well as good.

Everyone is tired now, and will probably be falling asleep soon. That is all our news.