Friday, October 24, 2008

Moving In

Today is our first night out at the Ranch. Cass and I drove out in the Pisten-Bully, while the rest of the group rode the four snowmobiles to our research site. A sudden flurry of snow overtook us on the way, which halted our progress briefly.


The sea ice road on a nice day.


The sea ice road today. This is a white-out. We have lost the horizon. The snow flurry only lasted a moment and we were able to continue a minute later.


Our new home. The buildings from right to left are the sleep hut, the kitchen hut, the lab hut, the OR hut, the power sled with the solar panels on top, the barn, and the little doghouse (with Snoopy on top) houses the snow blower. You can see the wind generator tower to the right of the last building and our snow fence beyond that.