Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Setting up Penguin Ranch

Today we started the camp put-in. Fleet Ops pulled the huts out to our research site. The ground is frozen ocean with about 500 meters of water below it. Here is a Pisten-Bully (left), one of the huts, the large drill used to make our dive holes and the Challenger (i.e., a type of tractor) to pull the huts in place.


Drilling a dive hole.


Brendan and Kozue cutting channels in the snow to direct the seawater that will come out when the ice is pierced.


Brendan and Jessica bailing the last of the ice from a dive hole.


Jessica, Cass, Brendan and Kozue during construction. Mary Lynne (with her back to us) is a Podcaster documenting the role of women in Antarctica.


Installing the observation tube. The work stalled at this point. The drill used was about an inch too small for the ob tube! They had to pull it out and try again the next day.


Pulling one of the huts (the laboratory) over the dive hole.


The carpenters assembling the barn. Next door, the grey hut, is the power sled. Our camp’s power comes from solar panels and a wind generator. There is a backup gasoline generator just in case! DSC_6586

The almost finished camp. All that is missing is the sleep hut and the biffy (an important item!). The camp was finished the next day.