Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Catching Birds

Tonight is the first trip to the ice edge to search for penguins. Because the ice edge is so far away (about 60 miles from camp) we need to get the birds by helicopter.

Below are the penguin boxes  near the landing site.


We are waiting for the helo to arrive. Right to left: Brendan, Paul, Kozue, Cass, and Jessica.


Our penguin’s transportation arrives, a 212 helicopter.


Josh’s photo of our penguin herders.


Success! Birds are in the boxes! Jessica, Cass, Barry (the pilot), Steve (Mechanic) and Josh (Helo tech) with the birds.


So, they flew the penguins back to the Ranch. Here’s an aerial view of Penguin Ranch.


The penguins look at Kozue and Kozue looks at them. You can see the small snow wall that we built for them and in the foreground is one of the dive holes that we want them to use for their foraging trips.