Sunday, October 12, 2008

Snowmobile Class

We finished our snowmobile and Pisten-Bully (our tracked vehicle used to travel on the sea ice) course this afternoon. We passed in flying colors. 

The photos below are of Jessica and Cass during the snowmobile class out on the sea ice. That’s not ground that they are standing on, but frozen ocean!






Jessica, The Masked Avenger, Toby (snowmobile tech) and Randy (head of MEC)


Oh, wait! That’s Cass!


We will probably have a small celebration when Kozue and Brendan have recovered from Snow Survival School, otherwise known as Happy Camper. So far, it is looking good for them.The wind has died and it is sunny and clear. So, they probably have about the best weather possible unless there is a wind over on the other side by Happy Camper school.

Most of our equipment arrived.  However, they are searching in the system for the batteries for Cass's near infrared recorder, and for all the drugs. Of course, they pulled those out of the big tri-walls in Port Hueneme. They assured Cass, despite her protestation, that they would not lose them and that they would ship them on time. They were considered hazardous.

Aside from that, all is going well. We will be going out tomorrow to look for a site.

All the employees are strained by the budget cuts, and the weather delays. They don't have enough people, or enough supplies, and now everyone is pouring into McMurdo because the weather has turned good. By tomorrow, they say we will be up to 1000 people.

The food has been very good at the galley. I hope the chef stays the same throughout the season.