Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Practicing A Virtue

We are awaiting our camp put in. Some of our huts were dragged out last night and Fleet Ops has smoothed the road to our site, but the bulk of the work will be done tomorrow.

They say that Patience is a virtue. We are getting a lot of practice.

Today, the large drill that we need to create our dive holes is over at Razorback Island making dive holes for the BBC. There is a team filming for the Life series and their work will appear next year on television in England. They have a team of divers, a producer, and Norbert Wu (a famous nature cinematographer)  in town to make the film. I think that they want to film the Weddell seals under the ice.

In case you are not familiar with a Weddell seal, here is a shot of  one that I took last year. The seals like to come up in the holes under our huts. The shape of their mouths make them look as if they are perpetually smiling. Really, if they were humans, I suspect that they would be relatively good-natured and unflappable.


Last Sunday, the BBC presented clips of their footage of animals from all over the world. Their footage was truly spectacular and they had a particularly impressive clip of a snow leopard hunting a mountain goat on a steep hillside. They also showed a great white shark devouring a sea lion in one gulp. The shark must have been at 20' long. The sweetest clip was of a polar bear and her cubs. The cubs were beyond cute.

The talk was held in the Galley – see below. The place was packed. My shot was taken at 6 AM on a Monday morning, which explains why the dining room is so empty.


This is the coatroom outside of the Galley. Our big red coats are much too bulky to bring into the dining area, so they hang out here. Since there are three bays, you need to remember where you hung your coat. Almost all of them are red and they all look alike!


There’s a bit of a wind this morning. Sometimes, a hat just isn’t warm enough, so it is nice to use the hood, too. The ruff used to be made of wolf fur, I think. Now, it is some sort of artificial fiber, which isn’t as warm, but nicer for the wolf, of course.