Friday, October 17, 2008

Photos From Jessica

Cape Crozier photos

Emp closeup Crozier small

Emp Crozier_small

Cass setting up her camera at the  Cape Crozier colony with emperor penguins coming to greet her.

 Here is Cass setting up her video camera with emperors coming to greet her!

My new friends from the colony edge

 My new friends at the colony

Paul and Cass on the hike back up the hill (the one on the blog now from behind is one Paul took of me).  This photo shows how far we climbed. The V in the back right corner is where the colony is located.

Paul and Cass hike_small

Graduate students bestow Cass’s prime skua find (Skua is the depository for unwanted clothing or equpment) on deserving PI . . . Frosty Boy!”

 PI received Frosty Boy_small

Searching for a research site.  Paul with the snowmobiles near the crack.

Paul searching for site_small

This is the seal that was near our old site (and quite a large crack!).

Seal near old ranch site_small