Saturday, October 4, 2008

In A Holding Pattern

(from Paul)

We are still here!!

Yes, we were cancelled again. At least they called and notified us early so we did not have to go in. We are rescheduled for a flight tomorrow, although there is still talk that the weather in McMurdo won’t clear until Tuesday. They are going to continue to try every day until they get us in. There are about 400 people here stacked up in Christchurch for the Antarctic program, and more are coming in today on flights. So, they are quite busy.

We are leaving to pick up our luggage today at the CDC (Clothing & Distribution Center) and get some fresh clothing. Then, we will probably do some laundry today. Otherwise, there is not too much exciting to report. After the chores are done, we are off to the Market and maybe a gondola ride!

(from Cass)

Here are some photos I took in the last few days while we were in Christchurch.

Christchurch team photo

The group in front of the Scott statue

Kozue and Brendan at Art Gallery in Christchurch

Kozue and Brendan at the Art Gallery

Ready to boomerang

The group in front of the passenger terminal for McMurdo

Black shag or cormorant on Avon

A black shag on the Avon