Sunday, October 5, 2008

Stuck In Lodi Again….

(from Paul)

Cancelled again...! We have been here in Christchurch for an entire week now. The storms in McMurdo STILL have not cleared. Of course, this last flight cancellation means that there will be no Sunday Night Lecture in McMurdo since the speaker (me!) is still in New Zealand.

Today, the group has some some work to do while we are stranded in Christchurch. Cass needs to prepare the list of equipment that she will use in her assays for the McMurdo lab I will have Brendan read the diving physiology review articles, which I have on my computer. Kozue, Jessica, and I can begin to review the accelerometer data that Kozue has from Cape Washington. Jessica can also work on her papers. There’s still lots of work to do even if we haven’t reach McMurdo.

Last night, we saw Christian, and Norbert Wu, who also came in. He is making another underwater documentary.

There is a city wide art exhibit on, with sculptures in parks, etc. In the park opposite the Windsor is a giant industrial crane, which suspends a sailboat in the air (when there is no wind).

(Jessica's photo)

And, in Cathedral Square, I thought they had a giant purple squid, but the sculpture is actually a giant purple sperm, which is supposed to promote the fertilization of ideas. The sculpture contains a small information booth, and, of course, the kids love to climb all over the artwork.